Single-Hung Window

Our Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Window is one of the best single-hung vinyl windows on the market. This high-quality replacement window is perfect for your next replacement window project.

Our Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Window offers crafted features that provide exceptional durability and energy efficiency. With standard features that include a brickmould exterior profile, constant-force balance system, and easily removable bottom sash, our Single Hung Vinyl Replacement Window combines style, ease of use, and dependable, proven performance suitable for any replacement window project.

If you have any questions about single-hung window replacements, please call us, and we will be happy to discuss the best vinyl windows options with you.

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Energy Star ®


  • North-Central
  • South-Central
  • Southern
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  • Warm-edge spacer system maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of insulated glass units
  • Welded, multi-chambered frame and sash for superior strength and energy-efficiency
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping for protection against wind, rain, dust, and noise
  • Metal-reinforced sash and meeting rails deliver strength and durability
  • Recessed tilt latch for improved aesthetics and easy cleaning
  • 3-1/4” frame depth
  • 3/4” insulated glass
  • 4-9/16″ and 6-9/16″ wood extension jambs available
  • Finless
  • STC: 29
  • U-Value: 0.30-0.47
  • SHGC: 0.20-0.63
  • VLT: 0.39-0.66
  • Low-E
  • HP Low-E
  • Tempered
  • Obscure
  • Argon gas enhanced
  • 5/8” flat grids-between-the-glass
  • 7/8” flat grids-between-the-glass
  • 11/16” sculptured grids-between-the-glass